Panchakarma Treatments

The word Panchakarma consists of two words: In which Pancha means five and karma means action, its literal meaning is “five actions” used to purify the body by anything extraneous to it. The complete treatment of panchakarma is not limited to five actions, is a three step process where the five main actions are the core of any treatment. The word panchakarma is used both to indicate the five main actions of the treatment, purification or the whole process into three phases as described below.

Purvakarma (Pre-Treatment)

  • Pachanam, that diet stimulates digestion so that the accumulated toxins in the body to be digested and converted into excreted.
  • Snehana, internal and external oiling, lubricating the body and thinning of accumulation toxins.
  • Swedanainduced sweating by applying heat which helps the toxinsto separate from the site of accumulation in order to be shipped to the excretory canals. If necessary, according to individual needs, additional treatments areused to encourage better elimination of toxins.

Pradhankarma (Main Process)

  • Vamana, vomiting, removes toxins from the stomach.
  • Virechana, purgation, removes toxins from the small intestine.
  • Anuvasanabasti, medicated enema with oily substances, .
  • Niruhabasti, medicated enema with herbal decoction, eliminates toxins from the colon.
  • Nasyaor shirovirechana, purification through the nose with medicated oils or herbal powder, eliminates toxins from the supraclavicular (neck and head). 

These are the five purification procedures described by Charaka. Sushruta includes bloodletting as one of the five measures , whereas it is sufficient as a single treatment

  • Bloodletting (Raktamokshana or sirovedhana), bleeding, eliminates toxins from the blood.

Paschatkarma (Treatment of Post-Purification)

  • Samshaman, through the action of herbal preparations is restored the balance of functions of doshasand remove any remaining toxins.
  • Sansarajanam, using a graduated diet will restore the full force of the fire weakened the digestive processes of purification.
  • Rasayana, administration of herbal preparations, minerals, ghee etc. forming tissues of good quality in order to promote rejuvenation, vitality and longevity as well as a free mind from attachment and aversion.

Arogya Nidam Panchakarma Offers

  • PURIFICATION PANCHAKARMA: For human body service
  • CURATIVE PANCHAKARMA: For chronic diseasee
  • REJUVENATIVE PANCHAKARMA: To improve immunity and vitality
  • RELAXATIVE PANCHAKARMA: for mental stress, hypertension

Therapies Of Panchakarma

  • ABHYANGAM: Oliation
  • MARMA ABHYANGAM: Stimulation on vital points
  • SAMVAHANAM: Dynamic relaxing massage
  • MRIDUSAMVAHANAM: Gentle relaxing massage
  • PHENAKAM: Draining of body fluids massage
  • SHIRODHARA: pouring of oil on forehead
  • KUTI SWEDA: heating with steam box
  • NADI SWEDA: Ayurveda localized steam fomentation
  • CHURN POTLI: Fomentation with powder of herbs
  • PATRA POTLI: Fomentation with leafs of herbs
  • NAVRAHKHIJI: Fomentation with milk and rice
  • VAMAN: Emetic treatment
  • VIRECHAN: Treatment of purgation
  • KATI VASTI: Deposition of oil on the lumbar region
  • JANU VASTI: Deposition of oil on the knee region
  • UROVASTI: Deposition of oil on the chest
  • ASTHAPAN BASTI: Enema with decoction
  • ANUVASAN BASTI: Enema with oil
  • PICHU: Place gauze immersed in oil
  • NASYA: Purification Treatment through Nose
  • AKSHI TARPAN: Deposition of oil on the eye
  • LEPANAM: Herbal pack
  • UDVARTANAM: Massagewith paste prepared by herbal powder and oil
  • UTSADANAM: Massage with oil-seed paste